Geoffrey Cone Dismisses Tax-Free New Zealand Claims

Geoffrey Cone is a global attorney who originally came from New Zealand. He loves the country and everything about it. From the scenery to the lack of snakes and the laid back lifestyle, New Zealand is the place where Cone can really feel his roots. One thing that he does not love about New Zealand: the taxes. The country, contrary to popular belief, is not a tax-free country. It does have taxes and the brackets that people land in depending on their situation can actually be quite high and demanding. It is difficult for Cone to imagine his salary in New Zealand. Learn more:

There are several blogs and news outlets that have published information regarding New Zealand as a country that has no taxes. These are all wrong. The country does have taxes and has a normal-to-high outlook on the tax market. Their taxes are not as high as some countries but they are nowhere near the rock-bottom levels that the no-tax and low-tax countries sit at. The cost of living in New Zealand is somewhat expensive and is something that Cone wants to bring awareness to because people are going there in droves and becoming sorely disappointed at what they are finding: taxes.

This belief that the country is now tax-free is something that may actually be a result of recent information changing in the country. New laws were published regarding taxes, income and certain caps that will be placed on each of these. This led people to believe that there were no taxes or that they simply did not have to worry about paying taxes when they were in New Zealand. The only thing that is stable about the stories that were published is that they were all wrong when it came to the idea of no-tax New Zealand.

As a global attorney, Geoffrey Cone works to inform people about the countries that they are moving to. He works to weigh the positives and the negatives of each and he makes sure that he always helps people make the right decision no matter where they are moving to. He has suggested that people move to New Zealand on many occasions, but it has never been because the taxes are low there because they simply are not low. They are somewhat high compared to other countries and places that are on the no-tax list. He makes sure that people know that.

Geoffrey Cone has actually come from New Zealand. He currently lives in a no-tax country and he encourages others to look at the pros and cons of living in such an area. His cheery disposition and his laid back style that is so common in New Zealand actually makes him somewhat of an outsider in the country that he is currently. He stands out among the different people that surround him. While this is something that he encourages people to take a look at when they are considering moving, he also knows that no-tax living is the way to go.