Makari Means Magnificent Skin Care Lightening Creams

When it comes to darker or ethnic skin tones, you want more choices for beautiful skin. Often times, your complexion has been ignored by the major skin care industry, because they didn’t understand how to treat your individual challenges, like an uneven skin tone, blemishes, pigmentation issues, dark spots, etc.

Makari De Suisse has succeeded where the others have failed, offering some of the most advanced skin care lightening products on the market, all made with natural and luxurious bases. They are proud of their brand and especially of their superb skin lightening line that safely and effectively balances the skin tone, creating a gorgeous and radiant complexion without the possible side effects.

Let’s be honest; the toxicity concerns of the chemical hydroquinone do exist, and yet, many skin care companies add the suspect ingredient to their prescription and over-the-counter products. Using a topical lightening agent that can possibly cause cancer is not what most women desire, and that’s why the Makari label will not ever include hydroquinone it its popular line-up.

Makari has quickly become a world leader in superb skin lightening creams, serums and soaps, featuring a patented and unique ingredient in many of their products. It’s called Organiclarine, and it’s a plant extract that is a naturally-based skin lightening substance. It is excellent for all skin types and goes to work fast to lighten and balance the complexion and skin on the body. Results begin to show after using Makari Organiclarine formulas for about two weeks.

Those who use Makari to lighten their problem spots fall in love with these exceptional, gentle, yet powerful formulas made with amazing caviar extracts and natural plant extracts.

One of Makari’s favorites is their Duopack Premium, consisting of a Whitening Cream Day & Night and Enhancer Regulator Serum. The products can be mixed for advanced treatment and are designed for both the face and body. The duo items provide for a more enhanced even skin tone and brightening experience that will have your face and body glowing.

Makari is beauty science at its best, blending high technology with effective, natural formulas.