Co-Working Spaces Replacing Traditional Offices


Why People Thrive In Coworking Spaces


Gone are the days when traditional offices were the defining factor for companies. Nowadays, you need not hire an entire building or floor to keep your employees together, thanks to co-working spaces. Shared office spaces are not an alternative to maintaining a traditional offices without a reason. They offer a plethora of benefits in terms of employee performance. Statistics from Harvard review indicate that employees working in co-working spaces scored 6 points on a scale of 7, that is, in terms of performance. This is way above the score of employees who work in traditional offices. Shared office spaces were shown to improve employee performance in the following ways;




With flexibility, comes an improvement in performance. Co-working spaces afford workers with a flexibility that they normally would not get with traditional offices. With shared office, one has a choice on whom to interact and not to interact with, while for traditional offices, you might have to interact with everybody. Besides, that is what is expected of you by the company. Additionally, shared office spaces allow workers to work on their own hours. One can work for long hours without having to worry about other employees thinking that they want a promotion. Meaning, that with co-working spaces, there is less judgement. This encourages employees to get more work done.


Healthy Competition


Shared office spaces promote healthy competition. Unlike in traditional offices, co-working spaces allow you to interact with like-minded individuals and be your own competitor. With shared office spaces, employees feel more motivated and inspired as they do not witness colleagues getting favors from the management. Additionally, by helping and seeking help from individuals possessing the same skills as themselves, they are able to broaden their knowledge.


Social Platform


Apart from being a place where workers can go work, co-working spaces provide a social platform where workers go to get a feeling belonging. As such, work deviates from the regular ‘must do’, to something that the employees actually look forward to doing.




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