The Midas Legacy Reveals Loopholes to Help Real Estate Investors Grow Profits

The main objective of purchasing and selling real estate properties for investors is to gain as much profits as possible. The Midas Legacy, a research services provider to entrepreneurs and investors reveals ways to maximize capital gains and how to purchase a property and pay later. Author and Publisher Jim Samson keeps Midas Legacy’s members and investors informed of loopholes in tax restrictions and regulations that are kept secret. He has 21 plus years of knowledge in investments, real estate, and business; and publishes columns, including the Best Business Blueprints, Retirement Calculator, and Real Estate Riches. The two loopholes some investors are unaware of that help investors grow their profits are 1031 exchange and 1031 reverse exchange.

What was hidden is now revealed by Jim Samson in his Real Estate column. Before discussing tax deferment and buy now and pay later programs, certain stipulations may prevent investors from participating. For an example, if properties are being purchased outside of the U.S. or for personal use, the 1031 exchange can’t be used. A stipulation to use 1031 reverse exchange is that an investor can’t have the same name on current title and new title. Now, let’s get to the discussions about how to take advantage of the 1031 exchange and 1031 reverse exchange.

The Midas Legacy informs investors to consider federal capital gains, state capital gains, and depreciation recapture taxes when selling real estate properties. A real estate investor is able to take advantage of 1031 exchange and avoid paying taxes if the gains received from a sale are invested into a new property or multiple properties. The property or properties purchased must be of equal value or greater. A rule in the exchange is that the investor has up to six months to finalize a property investment transaction.

Real estate investors who have properties on the market for sale and haven’t sold the properties, can benefit using 1031 reverse exchange program. An investor can buy new property without having to pay a down payment while another property is on the market for sale. Use the Exchange Accommodation Titleholder (EAT), which is a one-member limited liability company to hold name of current or new property. The Midas Legacy says investors are allowed six months to hold both properties and defer payment on the new property.

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The Midas Legacy: on the edge of success


The Midas Legacy is a Florida-based research services company that focuses on wealth management and other advisory services. From its headquarter in Winter Garden, the company provides a wide range of advisory services to people and tries to transform their life with their innovative and dedicated solutions.



The inception of The Midas Legacy took place when some veteran experts joined with a simple goal. Their mission is to help others to achieve their goals no matter who they are or where they come from. Their clientele comprises a diversified range that includes but not limits to investors trying to manage their money, individuals planning to retire early, startups trying to break even, or even someone who is trying to transform his or her life through nature.



The way Midas Legacy operates is quite different from other research and advisory services. The experts from this firm are truly professional, and they come with years of expertise in their respective fields. In the first consultation with them, they will analyze your situation, identify your hurdles and come up with a solution. But this is not all; they also have some secrets under their sleeves. They provide regular newsletter and publications on various topics including wealth management, natural health, business support and so on. Their exclusive “Midas Secret” program is a critical tool that has helped some entrepreneurs to turn their startups into a profit making business. Through their flagship newsletter, Midas Premium, they provide helpful tips and shortcuts to investments, self-improvement, natural cures on a monthly basis. For aspiring entrepreneurs, Midas Legacy has developed ‘business in a box’ toolkit that is an all-inclusive and ready to go business opportunity for all. They have reliable and time-tested solutions for stock and real estate market, and they also help people with their retirement. They are now helping people with their wide range of natural cures, and they intend to provide a healthy life to others without any side effects of conventional medications.



The Midas Legacy has a small team of subject matter specialists from a different arena. Jim Samson, Sean Bower, and Rick Pendergraft are some of the experts from this firm who are devoted to bringing in a positive change in others life. Their expertise in the area of startups, real estate, finance, management, health, the publication is truly diversified, and it puts Midas Legacy in a strong position to help anyone with any need.



Besides helping others with their life, Midas Legacy also works on humanitarian ground. They have helped some humanitarian organizations that includes but not limits to Florida Sheriffs Association, Give Hope Foundation, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Wounded Warrior Project, Salvation Army and American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.




The Highest Profile Hedge Fund Launch in 2016


Bloomberg News reported that Scott Bessent has officially launched one of the largest hedge funds. Over the last couple of years, Scott Bessent has been setting up Key Square Group. It was launched with over $2 billion in assets. It is estimated that it will be worth $4.5 billion after its first quarter. This is significant because this will make it in the third-largest launch for a hedge fund in history. In the year 2006, Convexity Capital launched a hedge fund that had more than $6 billion in assets. The hedge fund set up by Scott Bessent is significant.

Scott Bessent is well known because of his work with George Soros. Bessent has managed Soros’ $30 billion fortune over the last couple of years. He is widely consider to be one of Soros’ protégé.

Scott Bessent went to Yale University. He graduated from there with honors in the year 1984. Right after graduating, it was his goal to get a job at Yale Daily News as their editor. Unfortunately, he was not able to attain this goal because the position was filled by someone else. Instead, he took an internship with the famous money manager Jim Rogers. Then after graduation, he began working with Brown Brothers. While working with that company, he mostly did equity research, which was a job he ended up hating. From there, he helped to manage money for a well off Middle Eastern family. His next career move took him to Kynikos Associates. That was a hedge fund that was founded by Jim Chanos.

Scott Bessent was interviewed by writer Steven Drobny. Drobny wrote the book, Inside the House of Money. In that book, Bessent mentions that managing hedge funds is a lot like journalism. He says that you gather information and then you make a decision. In journalism, you write a story with an angle. In hedge fund management, you make an investment in the same way. Scott Bessent also returned to his alma mater as a professor when he taught the class “Hedge Funds: History, Theory, and Practice.”

In 1991, Scott Bessent began his career working with George Soros. He was with Soros Fund Management until 2000. From there, he went out on his own. He was able to quickly raise capitol for his own hedge fund called Bessent Capital. Things did not go as Bessent had hoped and he ended up losing a significant percentage of his European stock fund within just the first six months of the year 2001. Then investors began to back out, and so Bessent returned to macro investing.

In September 2001, he was again recruited by Soros Fund Management. It was during that time that he was beginning to form Key Square Group, which is a macro fund. Now that fund has been officially launched and is in line to become the third largest hedge fund launched in history. This George Soros’ protégé is a definitely going to be responsible for the highest profile launched in 2016.