The Midas Legacy: on the edge of success


The Midas Legacy is a Florida-based research services company that focuses on wealth management and other advisory services. From its headquarter in Winter Garden, the company provides a wide range of advisory services to people and tries to transform their life with their innovative and dedicated solutions.



The inception of The Midas Legacy took place when some veteran experts joined with a simple goal. Their mission is to help others to achieve their goals no matter who they are or where they come from. Their clientele comprises a diversified range that includes but not limits to investors trying to manage their money, individuals planning to retire early, startups trying to break even, or even someone who is trying to transform his or her life through nature.



The way Midas Legacy operates is quite different from other research and advisory services. The experts from this firm are truly professional, and they come with years of expertise in their respective fields. In the first consultation with them, they will analyze your situation, identify your hurdles and come up with a solution. But this is not all; they also have some secrets under their sleeves. They provide regular newsletter and publications on various topics including wealth management, natural health, business support and so on. Their exclusive “Midas Secret” program is a critical tool that has helped some entrepreneurs to turn their startups into a profit making business. Through their flagship newsletter, Midas Premium, they provide helpful tips and shortcuts to investments, self-improvement, natural cures on a monthly basis. For aspiring entrepreneurs, Midas Legacy has developed ‘business in a box’ toolkit that is an all-inclusive and ready to go business opportunity for all. They have reliable and time-tested solutions for stock and real estate market, and they also help people with their retirement. They are now helping people with their wide range of natural cures, and they intend to provide a healthy life to others without any side effects of conventional medications.



The Midas Legacy has a small team of subject matter specialists from a different arena. Jim Samson, Sean Bower, and Rick Pendergraft are some of the experts from this firm who are devoted to bringing in a positive change in others life. Their expertise in the area of startups, real estate, finance, management, health, the publication is truly diversified, and it puts Midas Legacy in a strong position to help anyone with any need.



Besides helping others with their life, Midas Legacy also works on humanitarian ground. They have helped some humanitarian organizations that includes but not limits to Florida Sheriffs Association, Give Hope Foundation, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Wounded Warrior Project, Salvation Army and American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.




Brian Bonar; an Accomplished Finance Manager

Dr. Brian Bonar is an accomplished finance manager. He currently works for four companies. Bonar is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairperson of Dalrada Financial Corporation.

He has served in this position for more than 16 years now. Brian is also the CEO and leader of Smart-Tek Automated Services, Co-President of the Allegiant Professional Business Service Inc., Chairman, President, CEO, CFO and Secretary of Trucept Inc., and also works for The Amanda Corporation. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Dr. Brian has a 30-year experience in professional financial management. Before joining the Dalrada Financial Corporation Bonar served as the Founder of American Management Services LLC, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Solvis Group Inc., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Warning Management Services Inc.,Manager of Worldwide Sales in the Adapter Inc.

Brian has also worked for firms like the Bezier Systems Inc., Rastek Corporation, QMS Inc., and also as a board member of Boys and Girls of Greater San Diego and Alliance National Insurance Agency firms.

Brian acquired his undergraduate degree from the University of Strathclyde. He later joined Staffordshire University; he earned his MBA and a doctorate from the same Institution. Brian now specializes in acquisitions and mergers. Having technical knowledge background, he always takes a personable and creative approach to his work.

In July 2010, Dr. Brian Bonar received the Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance honor. The Cambridge, Who’s Who honor, is only awarded to two members of each gender in each field. Individuals are selected by the Cambridge Who’s Who team based on leadership skills, academic background, and professional achievements. It is the biggest professional community networking honor.

As of 2010, Brian Bonar was already working for Dalrada Financial Corporation. He has worked as the Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer in several positions of the company for over 17 years.

According to their LinkedIn, He worked as CEO for several sectors of employer and employee benefits plus the aftermarket products’ sector. The Dalrada Corporation is a Marketing Liaison that offers the public a wide range of employee platforms so as to enhance business productivity. Some of the services they offer include risk management i

nsurance, employee benefits, promotional & business administration services, and financial management.

Dalrada Financial Corporation
Dalrada Financial Corporation is one of the best providers of comprehensive Insurance, Benefit, Financial and Business Process Outsourcing Products and Services to firms countrywide.

They offer customized programs to particular companies. They do so by, carrying out research to identify a particular organization’s financial state. The corporation’s workers then go ahead to create an action plan that will enable the business to achieve set goals.

The organization provides financial services to help run the company and protect the capital from any risk. They take you, your money, family, and business as separate entities.