Wengie’s Unique Beauty Morning Routine


Wengie is a famous Australian YouTube celebrity who has a channel wit hover 3 million subscribers. She uploads consistent content that centers around beauty, do it yourself and fashion tips and advice. In this particular video entitledMorning Routine 2016′, Wengie shares her morning routine with her viewers in a step by step montage.


She starts off by sharing the first thing that happens in her morning routine where her cat joins her to cuddle in bed before finally having to wake up to her alarm. Wengie says that she tries her best to wake up immediately instead of pressing the snooze button as that makes her feel worse later on. She also mentions that she refrains from using social media first thing in the morning to keep her mind clear.


After getting out of bed, Wengie brushes her teeth and then uses some mouthwash for extra cleaning. She finds that her lips can get dry when brushing so she then applies some lip moisturizer. For breakfast, Wengie shares one of her favorite recipes which includes mushrooms, tomatoes, seasoning, spinach as well as avocados. Wengie then explains how she likes to sit in her favorite little corner and enjoy the view from her apartment. She suggests starting your day with an informative, uplifting or educational video instead of filling your mind with noise from social media. She finds this helps to improve her day.


After making her bed, Wengie explains what morning skin care routine she uses. She starts with a cooling toner to get rid of excess oils. She then applies SK2 Essence and gives herself a face massage. Wengie recommends using sunscreen in addition to protect against the harmful sun rays. Next, she starts with her everyday make up look and then moves onto her eyebrow mascara to color in the darker areas. She then uses shading on her eyebrows, nose and face as a contour. She has says she has been using a small pencil liner as well. Wengie then shares that she sleeps in pig tails so that in the morning her hair has a very nice beachy, wavy look to it without damaging it through heat. Lastly, Wengie adds some lip gloss or bolder lip stick depending on the occasion and then puts on a cute summer outfit.

Emily McClure Introduces Wen To Readers

For many years I thought WEN By Chaz was a scam. I did not believe that it was even remotely possible for anyone to have hair that perfect and flawless and surely it didn’t seem possible for me so I decided that I would just keep sticking to my own hair regimen and hoping and wishing it would work out perfectly me and my hair. To my dismay my hair care regimen did not work and I became desperate for something more, something better and something that could really make my hair look as beautiful as I hoped it would be.

Recently, I started doing some digging and researching for my next hair care purchase on Amazon and i found Wen By Chaz. Not only did I find them I also found Emily McClure a beauty blogger at Bustle had decided to try the product as well and the impact on her was incredibly amazing. I was elated to see not only was the product no a scam but that I had actually seen it work on somebody’s hair.

Wen By Chaz was created by Chaz Dean. It is a 5 in 1 solution designed to work on all types of hair and it eliminates the need for having to go to different hair products for different needs. It is heavily marketed by Sephora cosmetics and is considered the answer to all of our prayers o the hair Gods.

Read more: http://www.wen.com/why-its-unique.html


Finding Great Summer Looks Is Easy On The JustFab Website

I’m going to take some time to write about my absolute favorite website to buy fashion, which is the JustFab website. Even though I can say that only recently I started shopping on the website, I have so much love for the site that I have to share the things that I’ve found. I cannot get enough pants, but I also love to wear summer dresses as well, and I can find both of these looks on the JustFab website. What I love is that when summertime comes around, they will specifically put out clothing that is meant for summer, which makes it a lot easier for me to find the clothes I’m looking for.

Another thing I love is the fact that they have some great boots as well as some high heels and even flat shoes if I want them, and all of them can be worn to put together a summer look. I found beautiful pairs of pants, amazing tops, spaghetti strap tops and more on the JustFab website, which makes them my go-to site when I want to buy summer clothing. I’ve been on the website since I started shopping there, and I find myself going on the site probably every day. I became a JustFab member, which was easy to set up with just a few pieces of information and a few more clicks.

Read more:
JustFab Inc. | LinkedIn

JustFab Summer Shop

I get a percentage off of my first purchase as well as potential discounts on additional purchases when I become a member, so I had no hesitation in signing up for membership. I also chose to buy several pairs of clothes and chose some shoes, jewelry, and two handbags the first day I shopped on the website. I’ve always recommended clothing to others whenever I write or talk about fashion, so I definitely would recommend the JustFab website to anyone who is on a budget but still wants to look as if they are spending a lot of money on their clothing. See: http://www.heels.com/shoe-brand/just-fab-shoes

Those who are specifically looking for summer looks will want to visit the JustFab website because of all the summer fashions. I took it upon myself to buy products on JustFab every week for the last couple months, so I have a great summer wardrobe built up that will help me to look great for the summer, no matter where I go. I can’t get enough of the JustFab website and the products they offer, and I love that every time I make a purchase that I’m earning points that will eventually get me free rewards from the site. I still can’t find another website as great as JustFab, which is why I love them dearly.

Lime Crime Produces Unique Looks

There are a lot of makeup companies you can choose from, but not all of them will have a great collection to choose from. Lime Crime is a fun brand and you might find that you are need of over any of the others.

Makeup Trends

There are several makeup trends Lime Crime uses for their needs. They offer colors that are bright and fun as well as colors that have added things inside them. This may include glitter or even a metallic coloring that adds to the makeup. This will of course depend on the makeup that you are looking at.

You may also look at the other color options such as the darker colors you may want for work or other things where bright flashy colors aren’t going to work as well. If you aren’t sure about what ones you need, you can get more than one and then decide what you want to wear that day. The great thing about this is that you have choices once you get the makeup anyway.

Why Lime Crime?

This brand is made by a woman for women. She wanted something that would allow people to have great makeup that was bright in color and that was fun. The makeup has all kinds of colors that will come together and have something that shows who you are. It gives you a chance to be creative with the makeup you have and how you look.

There are a lot of options when it comes to getting makeup that will work for everything from the workday to a night out. You only need to take the time to get it all figured out. You should look at more than one brand of makeup so you know what each line has and can make a better choice from there. The last thing you want is to have a color that you don’t end up liking in the end and want to have something else.  See more about Lime Crime on Facebook, or follow their Instagram feed @limecrimemakeup.

Doe Deere and Lime Crime Makeup: Beauty Without Judgment


You can’t easily forget the names Doe Deere and Lime Crime, and somehow they go together nicely.

Doe Deere is the CEO and founder of Lime Crime makeup, a cosmetics brand that has quickly developed into cult-like status. Its major presence on social media has sky-rocketed with two million new followers on Instagram. Fans post striking selfies adorned in the vividly colored makeup, sharing with each other their ideas of what beautiful really is.

Lime Crime was borne in 2008 for simple reasons, actually. Doe Deere could not find brightly colored cosmetics which she enjoyed wearing, and the few she found were basics and nothing that piqued her interest. So, the young businesswoman decided to chart her own course and create cosmetics with wild, crazy colors that involved fun, fantasy and unicorns.

Lime Crime is more than blue or green lipstick. It’s edgy, modern makeup that allows whomever puts it, on a sense of freedom and self-esteem. For girls and boys who don’t fit in with society’s conforming standards of beauty. Lime Crime lets them experiment and find their niche. It’s all about beauty without judgment, and the concept has blossomed around the globe. Many Lime Crime fans thought like Doe Deere; they were looking for something more exciting to put on.

Lime Crime has slowly made its way to the top and gone makeup mainstream, which means the makeup is seen on the red carpet, at photo shoots and on young women and men in public. Stars like Lupita Nyong’o and Kylie Jenner now wear blue lipstick, but Lime Crime was introducing that idea way before the masses took notice.

Doe Deere believes that makeup, fashion and hair all make a statement, at least in her world they do. The Lime Crime founder enjoys her candy-colored hair, vivid prints and colors of clothing and of course, makeup that boldly creates a vision.

Lime Crime is not for the faint of heart. It’s quality cosmetics with a wonderful bold opacity. Her lipsticks, liners and shadows all scream, “Look at me!” When one applies Lime Crime, they cannot sit in the background, because it’s full steam ahead. One cannot help but be noticed wearing this makeup.

Doe Deere also believes in a company that gives back to her community, and so far, Lime Crime has donated more than $16,000 to many charities, including those which benefit women, children and animals.

Doe Deere Makes Her Own Rules

People love to make rules. They also love to break rules. The idea, in many cases, is to know when to break rules and when to keep them. Those who can do this are those who will be able to have look that is entirely their own. Someone who finds that the present day rules of fashion simply don’t work for her is someone who will find it works better for them to decide on their own rules and to do their best to craft a look that is largely theirs and does not belong to anyone else.

One fashion pioneer who has been at the heart of contemporary fashion style is makeup entrepreneur Doe Deere. Deere loves knowing rules. She also loves knowing how to break them to get a look that is ideal for her and her many fans. As she talks about in a recent interview for Bustle Magazine, she wants everyone to feel as confident as she does when they look at the fashion world of today. She wants her many fans to think about the kind of rules they have always been told to follow and bend them for their own purposes. So she tells her fans to wear a bold eye and a bold lip at the same time if that’s what they want to do when going out.

Such rule breaking has served her well in her own personal life. As the founder of the internet makeup company Lime Crime, she’s had to make her own rules and learn how best to use them well. She knows that it is important for her to be able to show off the kind of makeup that will look good and will also not adhere to the rules that many people have traditionally decided to follow when they pick out makeup.

Deere wants to help people feel confident as they go about picking out makeup that is right for them. She wants her customers to feel that they can count on her and her company to help them locate the best possible makeup for their needs and their wants as well as makeup that will allow them look in touch with today’s fashion makeup choices. Her fans have followed her lead and happily purchased the products that she offers on her site. They look to her each day to help them find new fashion forward products.

Doe Deere’s Four Fashionista Rules to Break

Renowned unicorn queen and CEO of Lime Crime makeup line, Doe Deere doesn’t bind herself with any strict fashion laws. However, she does find some to be great suggestions to use as a guide when trying to look your best. With her brightly colored hair and distinct beauty palettes, it comes as no surprise that Doe Deere loves to smash through the brick walls that are fashion rules. Here are the top four tips to fabulousness from your favorite style icon.
1. Never pair bold eyes with bold lips.
Pretty much everyone is familiar with the old beauty law stating you should always avoid pairing numerous bold features with your makeup. But if you check out Doe Deere and numerous other beauty icons, you’ll find this is broken on a daily basis. Have fun with your look and feel free to rock the glam red lips with your favorite smoky eye whenever you like. It keeps things exciting and new.
2. Never mix several colors.
This is a difficult rule. Judging how much is too much is completely objective. Huge splashes of color are never shameful. So if the majestic unicorn is your spirit animal, get wild and free with your color combos. Whether it’s your hair, makeup or clothes, you can create your very own unique ensemble. If you happen to be one of those people overly concerned with keeping your outfits low key, try dabbling in the color palette with touches here and there to ease yourself into the rainbow life.
3. You shouldn’t wear socks with heels or open toed shoes.
Some people are referring to this as the grandma trend. However, it’s a surprisingly fun and cozy rule to break. If you find yourself addicted to cute patterned socks and tights, why not utilize them as a statement piece in your ensemble? After all, you don’t want to hide those excellent designs by covering them with shoes. Share them with the world and pair them with your favorite heels. There’s no need to pack away your “summer” shoes this winter if you’re a rebel like Doe Deere.
4. Don’t mix patterns.
Quite possibly one of the most boring fashion rules ever made, some people still timidly abide by it. This is often due to their fear of clashing patterns. Deere’s opinion varies from the norm though. Our favorite fashionista loves fun complimenting patterns. So mix and match those patterns and be bold, brave and adventurous with your look.