Mike Baur is Perfecting the system for start-up companies!

Mike Baur is a businessman and co-founding management partner of Swiss Start-Up Factory. Baur has an MBA from Rochester, New York as well as an Executive MBA from the University of Berne. Baur spent almost twenty years working in the Swiss Private Banking and managed to work his way up to an executive board member of a large Swiss Private Bank. It was not until 2014 when Baur was thirty-nine that he realized he wanted to become an entrepreneur. Mike Baur joined up with two other entrepreneurs and now their business, the Swiss Start-Up Factory is the number one ICT Startup Accelerator in Switzerland. The co-founders of the Swiss Start-up Factory are Max Meister, Mark Berger and Oliver Walzer. They have no doubt helped the team succeed along with Baur over the past couple of years.

The Swiss Start-Up Factory‘s main goal is to take companies that are just starting up and turn them into multi-million dollar businesses. When start-up companies work with the Swiss Start-Up Factory, it will basically accelerate their business. They can avoid the “drought” companies often see when they first open a business. When a new company start-up’s they are not known about, which affects their business the first couple of years. But with the Swiss Start-Up Factory companies get an accelerated jolt into the real business world. The business world can be a very scary place, a lot of people take the jump into owning a business, and not all of them are successful. It is important to be as prepared as possible in order to be ready for whatever is thrown at your company.

They offer a three-month accelerator program in which they provide unique services, mentoring, and coaching. They also provide start-up companies with office space, which can be tough for companies just starting out to get. It is a great investment for start-up companies that think they may struggle in their first few years. Or if it is the first time the business owner is opening a business and thinks guidance would be helpful. The program has been successful thus far in assisting start-up companies, and it will no doubt continue to be successful and adapt to the changing environment and economy to satisfy it’s clientele.