The Business Savvy Mind State of Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe knows what is happening in the dating world quite well. She should. She has created as many as two dating apps so far, and she is still under the age of 30. Tinder was an app that she co-founded with another business partner, but Bumble is the dating app that is 100% Whitney Wolfe. It is true that she had some help from the founder of the Badoo dating app platform, but Whitney Wolfe is clearly the one that is calling the shots when it comes to the expansion of Bumble.

This has become the dating app that makes the dating app world easier for women. This was the plan from the very beginning. Whitney Wolfe has created what she calls a feminist dating app, and people are instantly curious when they read any type of article that puts this phrase into the dating app. Whitney Wolfe is someone that is proving that women can become a powerful force in the dating app industry even though they have never really had a voice with dating apps before. Prior to what Wolfe was doing it was clear that the dating app industry was controlled by older males.

It is obvious that a large majority of the dating apps that have been created so far are created by men. In fact, Whitney Wolfe stands out as the Lone Ranger of dating apps where a woman is actually in charge. This gives her a whole new perspective on how to dating app is portrayed. It also allows her to create a dating app that will evolve as something that women wood have interest in.

Whitney Wolfe is a powerful player in the dating app industry, and people are really getting excited about what she is planning to do as the company expands. it is clear that the dating app world is what she is passionate about, but the expansion of Bumble reveals that this is not her only passion. It also shows that this is not the only thing that Whitney Wolfe is good at creating. She has taken a leap of faith and really maximized the potential of Bumble by expanding with other elements like Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz. There are a ton of people that are interested in Bumble, and Whitney Wolfe is finding innovative ways to keep new users interested in using Bumble for the long term.

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