Thor Halvorssen Discusses Politics As A Good And Bad Aspect Of Life

Thor Halvorssen has lived a life that has seen him governed by governments that are both conservative, centrist, and socialist in Venezuela and the U.S. The former political science student at the University of Pennsylvania has been a vocal opponent of all governments who do not permit their citizens to maintain their basic human rights and feels his own role should be simply to explore these issues and pressure politicians to change their stance. Politics itself is seen by Halvorssen as simply a way of achieving his aims to open up closed societies, free political prisoners, and change the policies of governments no matter what their political outlook.

Discussing politics is something Thor Halvorssen admits he rarely considers outside of his role as a human rights activist, despite the fact he holds both undergraduate and graduate degrees in political science, as well as being the latest in a long line of Halvorssen’s who have made an impact on the global political landscape. During interviews, Thor Halvorssen has explained he has not even questioned his own employees at the Human Rights Foundation about their own political stance; one example of the different views of members of the 12 person Human Rights Foundation staff is the fact Russian political opponent Gary Kasparov acts as President alongside a member of the legal team who worked with the Argentinian Junta of the late 20th century.

Thor has often seen his own role as one of the world’s top human rights activist lead to each and every comment he makes dissected and sometimes misunderstood; Fox News felt his position was in opposition to the socialist ideology, but the film producer revealed he had given the maximum allowed monetary contribution to the U.S. Presidential campaign of self proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders. In a bid to make his political stance clearer, Thor Halvorssen has made it clear his opposition is for any government that does not allow its citizens access to their human rights; in fact, Thor Halvorssen has spoken in glowing terms of countries like Sweden that have powerful socialist governments achieving success on a regular basis.


Makari Takes a More Natural Approach to Beauty

Makari de Suisse has been around for ten years and counting. Multicultural women can continue to count on this luxury skin care provider to deliver them with top of the line products and systems that actually work for their skin. Their clinically proven formula is expertly designed to fade darks spots and discolorations, a common skin problem that women of color face all over the world. Makari’s products are manufactured in Switzerland, so there is no cutting corners when it comes to making sure that only the best ingredients and methods have been put into each product before it goes onto your skin. The top selling Caviar Face Cream will help you to reveal a more youthful and radiant glow that will make people wonder if you’ve ever experienced so much as a pimple before in life. Naturally lightening ingredients are used in products from the brand to incorporate a more holistic approach to beauty. Your beauty is natural, shouldn’t the products you use to take care of skin contain natural ingredients as well?

Avoid Online Disputes

One of the most important things about maintaining a positive online reputation is to avoid online disputes as much as possible. While people who have an active online presence are going to find themselves in a dispute here and there, it is important to not get dragged into them. If one does have a dispute, then it is best for that person to cut it as short as possible. The worst thing one can do is attempt to “win” the dispute or prove a point. No one is going to agree on every single issue. Also, online business owners should focus more on doing business.

However, there are other users that may try to drag someone into a dispute. This is where one has to figure out some of the extra features of the social media platform and services like In most cases, one should be able to block the troublesome user. Even if one does not engage in the dispute, it could still show up on the feed. As a result, other users could be turned off if there is any vulgar or negative speech. However, if one blocks the user, then all of the posts from the blocked user will disappear.

One thing that people need to do when it comes to running a business online is priority. They also have to figure out what type of image they want to give people. Then they have to do everything they can to preserve the image. With social media and other forms of online presences, one has to be consistent. When people know what to expect from a brand, then they will be more loyal to the brand. Keeping a consistent image will do wonders for the brand. One of the best ways to achieve that is by avoiding disputes.


Shea Butter Can Do Wonders For Your Hair


It’s pretty common knowledge these days that shea butter is great for your skin. However, it also has the power to improve the health of your hair. While oils are often seen as the go-to treatment for conditioning the hair and preventing frizziness, shea butter, which has a waxy consistency, can be used to make hair sleeker and shinier as well.


Shea butter is the fat from the Africa shea tree nut, which is native to West Africa. The butter has been used for hundreds of years as a moisturizer, natural psoriasis and eczema treatment, facial cream and sunblock, and it has also been added to several hair products to help the hair retain its curl pattern prevent dryness. Shea butter can also be applied directly to the scalp to prevent dandruff, since it is packed with vitamin E and other antioxidants to reduce inflammation. Shea butter can also act as a shield for the hair to protect again sun damage, since it has a low SPF.


Eu’Genia Shea is one of the best shea butter brands on the market today, and provides butters that are specific to your beauty needs. The company was founded by Naa-Sakle Akuete, a form analyst for Wall Street. Akuete’s mother, Eu’Genia (who the company is named for) is the owner of the farm that harvest the shea nuts for Eu’Genia Shea products.


In addition to providing shea butters that are mixed with essential ingredients for specific uses like relaxation, skin health or stretch mark removal, Eu’Genia Shea also works with all-female co-ops in the northern region of Ghana to provide workers with salaries that are above average. Eu’Genia Shea also offers job training to shea nut harvesters so they are better able to care for their families.

The Midas Legacy Reveals Loopholes to Help Real Estate Investors Grow Profits

The main objective of purchasing and selling real estate properties for investors is to gain as much profits as possible. The Midas Legacy, a research services provider to entrepreneurs and investors reveals ways to maximize capital gains and how to purchase a property and pay later. Author and Publisher Jim Samson keeps Midas Legacy’s members and investors informed of loopholes in tax restrictions and regulations that are kept secret. He has 21 plus years of knowledge in investments, real estate, and business; and publishes columns, including the Best Business Blueprints, Retirement Calculator, and Real Estate Riches. The two loopholes some investors are unaware of that help investors grow their profits are 1031 exchange and 1031 reverse exchange.

What was hidden is now revealed by Jim Samson in his Real Estate column. Before discussing tax deferment and buy now and pay later programs, certain stipulations may prevent investors from participating. For an example, if properties are being purchased outside of the U.S. or for personal use, the 1031 exchange can’t be used. A stipulation to use 1031 reverse exchange is that an investor can’t have the same name on current title and new title. Now, let’s get to the discussions about how to take advantage of the 1031 exchange and 1031 reverse exchange.

The Midas Legacy informs investors to consider federal capital gains, state capital gains, and depreciation recapture taxes when selling real estate properties. A real estate investor is able to take advantage of 1031 exchange and avoid paying taxes if the gains received from a sale are invested into a new property or multiple properties. The property or properties purchased must be of equal value or greater. A rule in the exchange is that the investor has up to six months to finalize a property investment transaction.

Real estate investors who have properties on the market for sale and haven’t sold the properties, can benefit using 1031 reverse exchange program. An investor can buy new property without having to pay a down payment while another property is on the market for sale. Use the Exchange Accommodation Titleholder (EAT), which is a one-member limited liability company to hold name of current or new property. The Midas Legacy says investors are allowed six months to hold both properties and defer payment on the new property.

Check out The Midas Legacy’s BBB profile page to learn more about the company.