Fabletics Brings Innovative Designs and Outstanding Price Points to the World of Activewear

From Jennifer Lopez to Nicole Richie, numerous celebrities have added their name to clothing lines in the hopes of expanding their already prominent empires. Kate Hudon’s line of women’s clothing is a little bit different. Kate Hudson is not just an ambassador Fabletics, but a co-founder as well. Partnering with company CEOs Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, Hudson has created a line athleisure clothing which mirrors the style and quality of brands like Lululemon and Gap Body, but at a price point that every woman can afford.

In addition to producing activewear which is financially accessible, Fabletics has created a line which is also fashionable and innovative. Made from the same high-performance material that makes a woman look toned and svelte, Fabletics aims to help women look and feel their best. Think yoga pants, sports tops, dresses, and bathing suits that look just as great in the gym as they do while running errands or grabbing drinks with a friend.

Fabletics started off with the types of items you would expect to see in an activewear line, including, tops, yoga pants, and shorts. Because of the company’s success, it has gone on to add other items, such as bathing suits and dresses. These additions represent further growth and innovation from Fabletics. The line’s dresses are designed for the active woman on to go and many have built in bras. The bathing suits are sturdy and sexy at the same time. Both new items recognize the need to be both stylish and well covered on Instagram.

Fabletics operates primarily as an online clothing store with a VIP membership option for customers on Facebook. When a customer becomes a member, he or she pays a set fee each month and receives one outfit, as well as free shipping. The customer ends up saving up to 50 percent off the purchase and can choose to opt out any month. There is also a membership quiz, which helps customize the shopping experience by recommending items which match the size and style of the customer.

With innovative designs and a top-notch shopping experience, it is clear that Fabletics is fast becoming a leader in the word of athletic wear.

Securus Technologies releases yet another impressive application for its clients

For years now, Securus Technology has been known to be the leader in providing civil and criminal justice tech solutions. Among the services that its customers benefit from include correction and monitoring, carrying out investigations. Recently in an effort to its customers time and money, it is planning to implement inmate forms and grievances application on the ConnectUs.
During the announcement, Securus Vice President of Marketing and Strategy Russell Roberts pointed out the firm’s commitment to providing latest technology features for its esteemed customers. He added that the move to have the forms accessible on ConnectUs was an example of their dedication in modernizing their clients with the new age technologies.
Initially correction facilities used to use papers for all inmate requests, which includes handbook acceptance forms, grievances, sign up forms, medical, and much more. That would usually translate to much time required by officers to distribute and collect, signing in, archiving, filing, responding and copying.
The technology, however, came in at a perfect time, and customers can now easily create any request and make them available to inmates. It allows for easy editing of the document at any time, and no paperwork is involved. In essence, all manual paperwork is now digitized, making all the process easy and fun. This move has already bore fruits as an average of 13.8 forms is received from every inmate in a month. In addition, it has made security personnel at the correction facilities focus on other areas that need more attention, such as safety and security.
Not only is this system useful to outsiders, but also inmates are now a happy lot, as they can now use the self-service system, and can quickly view the status of the forms. They can either accept or appeal them.
Securus is a leading firm across the US and Canada, serving over 3450 facilities and over 1,200,000. It has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Securus offers emergency response, investigation, public information, biometric analysis and much more, you can visit their website SecurusTechnologies.com to learn more.