Doe Deere Makes Her Own Rules

People love to make rules. They also love to break rules. The idea, in many cases, is to know when to break rules and when to keep them. Those who can do this are those who will be able to have look that is entirely their own. Someone who finds that the present day rules of fashion simply don’t work for her is someone who will find it works better for them to decide on their own rules and to do their best to craft a look that is largely theirs and does not belong to anyone else.

One fashion pioneer who has been at the heart of contemporary fashion style is makeup entrepreneur Doe Deere. Deere loves knowing rules. She also loves knowing how to break them to get a look that is ideal for her and her many fans. As she talks about in a recent interview for Bustle Magazine, she wants everyone to feel as confident as she does when they look at the fashion world of today. She wants her many fans to think about the kind of rules they have always been told to follow and bend them for their own purposes. So she tells her fans to wear a bold eye and a bold lip at the same time if that’s what they want to do when going out.

Such rule breaking has served her well in her own personal life. As the founder of the internet makeup company Lime Crime, she’s had to make her own rules and learn how best to use them well. She knows that it is important for her to be able to show off the kind of makeup that will look good and will also not adhere to the rules that many people have traditionally decided to follow when they pick out makeup.

Deere wants to help people feel confident as they go about picking out makeup that is right for them. She wants her customers to feel that they can count on her and her company to help them locate the best possible makeup for their needs and their wants as well as makeup that will allow them look in touch with today’s fashion makeup choices. Her fans have followed her lead and happily purchased the products that she offers on her site. They look to her each day to help them find new fashion forward products.