Doe Deere Breaks All The Rules

Doe Deere aka the Unicorn Queen, because of her colorful, luscious locks and rainbow-esque makeup aesthetic. A palette that her makeup brand Lime Crime is also known for. Born in Russia she grew up in the Big Apple and later moved to Los Angeles where she now resides with her husband and 3 cats. She founded Lime Crime and it was lovingly labeled as the “makeup for unicorns“, because of its bright and unique colors, alongside its whimsical and cruelty-free character.

Lime Crime became a platform for self-expression and freedom. A brand that empowered its customers to break all the rules. Instead of what is “trendy” it is all about what “feels good”. Its intense pigments are vibrant and very “in your face”, while still being animal-friendly and protecting our furry friends by not testing on them. It has become one of the most innovative and successful cruelty-free brands with a palette that women of all ethnicity embrace.

Doe Deere is known for breaking all the rules. Conventionalism tells you to never, ever wear a bold eye with a bold lip. Doe Deere enraptures her followers by throwing that notion out of the window and holding steadfast to the beautiful boldness that comes with a standout eye and lip. Her favorites color combo is Blue Milk eyeliner with a Red Velvet lip.

Stay away from too much color, is another common misconception that Doe Deere fights off with beautiful splashes of different hues. Trusting your instincts is key. Playing with layers of color blends and never being afraid of looking garish. It is all in the layers of color you work in together.

Fashion rules state to never mix patterns. She believes that patterns are “fun” and “the more the merrier”. She does recommend you keep them in the same color scheme. But ideally there is no wrong way to pair patterns. Stick with monochrome-like colors. Another no-no is to avoid open-toe shoes or heels with socks. Besides the comfort that socks with open-toe shoes and heels brings, it also creates a unique and pretty contrast. It is fun and creative.

When you have colored hair you are told you can only wear black and neutral colors. But too much of a good thing can never be wrong. Pastel hair colors can look great with airy colors. Simply pay attention to how everything plays off of each other and looks against your skin. She also believes that clothes are made to be “enjoyed”. There is no occasion specific dressing. Wear what makes you happy and comfortable.

In the end she embodies the idea of never having to dress for your age. In her words “True Style Knows No Age”!

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The Highest Profile Hedge Fund Launch in 2016


Bloomberg News reported that Scott Bessent has officially launched one of the largest hedge funds. Over the last couple of years, Scott Bessent has been setting up Key Square Group. It was launched with over $2 billion in assets. It is estimated that it will be worth $4.5 billion after its first quarter. This is significant because this will make it in the third-largest launch for a hedge fund in history. In the year 2006, Convexity Capital launched a hedge fund that had more than $6 billion in assets. The hedge fund set up by Scott Bessent is significant.

Scott Bessent is well known because of his work with George Soros. Bessent has managed Soros’ $30 billion fortune over the last couple of years. He is widely consider to be one of Soros’ protégé.

Scott Bessent went to Yale University. He graduated from there with honors in the year 1984. Right after graduating, it was his goal to get a job at Yale Daily News as their editor. Unfortunately, he was not able to attain this goal because the position was filled by someone else. Instead, he took an internship with the famous money manager Jim Rogers. Then after graduation, he began working with Brown Brothers. While working with that company, he mostly did equity research, which was a job he ended up hating. From there, he helped to manage money for a well off Middle Eastern family. His next career move took him to Kynikos Associates. That was a hedge fund that was founded by Jim Chanos.

Scott Bessent was interviewed by writer Steven Drobny. Drobny wrote the book, Inside the House of Money. In that book, Bessent mentions that managing hedge funds is a lot like journalism. He says that you gather information and then you make a decision. In journalism, you write a story with an angle. In hedge fund management, you make an investment in the same way. Scott Bessent also returned to his alma mater as a professor when he taught the class “Hedge Funds: History, Theory, and Practice.”

In 1991, Scott Bessent began his career working with George Soros. He was with Soros Fund Management until 2000. From there, he went out on his own. He was able to quickly raise capitol for his own hedge fund called Bessent Capital. Things did not go as Bessent had hoped and he ended up losing a significant percentage of his European stock fund within just the first six months of the year 2001. Then investors began to back out, and so Bessent returned to macro investing.

In September 2001, he was again recruited by Soros Fund Management. It was during that time that he was beginning to form Key Square Group, which is a macro fund. Now that fund has been officially launched and is in line to become the third largest hedge fund launched in history. This George Soros’ protégé is a definitely going to be responsible for the highest profile launched in 2016.

Doe Deere’s Four Fashionista Rules to Break

Renowned unicorn queen and CEO of Lime Crime makeup line, Doe Deere doesn’t bind herself with any strict fashion laws. However, she does find some to be great suggestions to use as a guide when trying to look your best. With her brightly colored hair and distinct beauty palettes, it comes as no surprise that Doe Deere loves to smash through the brick walls that are fashion rules. Here are the top four tips to fabulousness from your favorite style icon.
1. Never pair bold eyes with bold lips.
Pretty much everyone is familiar with the old beauty law stating you should always avoid pairing numerous bold features with your makeup. But if you check out Doe Deere and numerous other beauty icons, you’ll find this is broken on a daily basis. Have fun with your look and feel free to rock the glam red lips with your favorite smoky eye whenever you like. It keeps things exciting and new.
2. Never mix several colors.
This is a difficult rule. Judging how much is too much is completely objective. Huge splashes of color are never shameful. So if the majestic unicorn is your spirit animal, get wild and free with your color combos. Whether it’s your hair, makeup or clothes, you can create your very own unique ensemble. If you happen to be one of those people overly concerned with keeping your outfits low key, try dabbling in the color palette with touches here and there to ease yourself into the rainbow life.
3. You shouldn’t wear socks with heels or open toed shoes.
Some people are referring to this as the grandma trend. However, it’s a surprisingly fun and cozy rule to break. If you find yourself addicted to cute patterned socks and tights, why not utilize them as a statement piece in your ensemble? After all, you don’t want to hide those excellent designs by covering them with shoes. Share them with the world and pair them with your favorite heels. There’s no need to pack away your “summer” shoes this winter if you’re a rebel like Doe Deere.
4. Don’t mix patterns.
Quite possibly one of the most boring fashion rules ever made, some people still timidly abide by it. This is often due to their fear of clashing patterns. Deere’s opinion varies from the norm though. Our favorite fashionista loves fun complimenting patterns. So mix and match those patterns and be bold, brave and adventurous with your look.

Create Confidence Like Doe Deere

Choosing the way that you dress should be less about what fashion says you need to wear and more about the way that you feel. Doe Deere works to make the fashion rules obsolete and, instead, focuses on the way that her clothing, makeup and hair options make her feel. She is able to do this and build confidence for herself by breaking the rules of fashion. While she is able to break all of the rules, there are a few that are her favorites to break. She enjoys breaking these rules because they are things that she does on a daily basis.

As someone who loves patterns and colors, Doe Deere has no problem mixing patterns. While fashion may tell her that it is a bad idea to mix too many patterns, she knows what she likes to do and what she looks great in. She gives herself confidence by mixing patterns and not paying any attention to what the fashion industry says about doing so. There are many options available for mixing patterns and the most important part of mixing the patterns is to choose things that you love and put them together in your outfit.

If you only get dressed up on specific occasions or only wear one type of clothing to certain events, you are following one of Deere’s favorite fashion rules to break. Doe Deere thinks that occasion specific dressing is for people who can’t think for themselves and need someone to tell them what they should be wearing. If you want to wear a cocktail dress to a black-tie party, you should. If you want to wear your evening dress to go shopping, you should put that bad boy on and rock it through the shopping mall. By not dressing for occasions, you are giving yourself more freedom to be who you truly are.

Bold colors can be tricky, but Doe Deere knows that pairing your favorites is the best way to make them look better on you. You can make the choice to wear any colors that you like, no matter how bold or bright the colors are. Fashion may want you to choose colors that are neutral or ones that go together better, but Deere wants you to choose colors that you love. Like her, you will be able to give yourself more confidence if you are not constantly worried about the way that the colors will change the way that you fit into the fashion norms.

Doe Deere is one of the most unique dressers in the fashion world and gives people the confidence that they need just by showing off her own confidence. You can be sure that breaking fashion rules like Doe Deere is a great way to make yourself feel better. You can use her influence to make yourself break the fashion rules. If you’re into guidelines and rules, you can even follow some of the ones that she has set about not following the specific fashion rules.

Check out Doe Deere’s LinkedIn profile to learn more about her business.

The Joys of Switching Cellphone Carriers

It is inevitable that at some point someone is going to switch cellphone service carriers. There are plenty of reasons why this happens. For one thing, the common occurrence for people is that they find a service that they feel is better for them than their current service. Therefore, they look to gain that service for themselves. However, it is a lot faster and easier now, than it used to be. However, there is still a process involved when it comes to selecting a service. One of the easiest ways to select a service carrier is to pick a phone that is connected to the service carrier.

One service carrier that is worth selecting is FreedomPop. FreedomPop is one of the carriers that offers free monthly services for people. They also offer some of the best low priced services. Their plans cost a lot less than the plans offered by other carriers under the same Sprint network. This is why they are one of the best providers to sign up under for people that are pressed for money. Even people that are well off financially could benefit from FreedomPop and the services that they have to offer.

FreedomPop offers services that allow their customers to take advantage of everything that they have to offer them which include Internet, talking and texting. For the Internet surfers, they can have some of the best services available without having to pay a whole lot of money. They can watch TV and even play games with their devices. Their devices keep them entertained and they can have that entertainment with FreedomPop for a small amount of money. Cellphones have become more than just devices that are used to talk to someone. They are also used as devices for TV and other forms of entertainment. FreedomPop has capitalized greatly on that.

When trying to find services to switch to, it is important to look for carriers that offer a lot of benefits that are best suited. The customer has to look at his own needs and find a carrier that is best suited to his needs. For instance, he has to examine his lifestyle and find a carrier that is most suited to his lifestyle. If there are any changes to his lifestyle, then he can change the service to better match his lifestyle. For instance, if he gains more friends to talk to on his phone, then he can pay for more minutes or upgrade his services.